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Sunday, October 11, 2009
Exam Time
Exam time is here. Totally not ready for Company Reporting, dunno what the hell was going on for the past 12 weeks. Commercial Banking and Company Law not that bad, Financial Management is retaking, so shouldn't be too bad. Looking at a overall pleasant situation.

And the new AFI album is (was) out10 days ago! Overall the songs got a more highly charged feel to it, unlike the gloom in Decemberunderground. Pretty good, but not very special. Good songs I recommend from the album are End Transmission and Fainting Spells. Medicate for those who like more pop-catchy style rock. Video is out for Medicate as well, can watch on AFI's official Youtube channel.

No time to play the bass nowadays...Learning the basic catchy tunes like Jet's Are you gonna be my girl and The Pixies' Here comes your man.

I think thats all for now, nothing else swirling round my mind now.

Signing off,

Sunday, September 13, 2009
Assignment Month
All my assignments are due this month. Week after week after week. Already handed up my Company Law assignment last Wednesday, and Company Reporting 2 Wednesdays ago. Tomorrow I have Company Reporting mid sem tests, and Commercial Banking assignment and Financial Management mid sem tests on Friday. After this, all my assignments are complete. Haven't started on my Commercial Banking Assignment yet though. I'll start tomorrow...I think...

Oh, and I took pictures of my Ibanez bass amplifier already. And the BB414's color changed last week or so. Now it's the exact color I wanted, I hoped it wouldn't change anymore.

Time for pictures!

The Ibanez logo on the amp, you can see the Sounwave brand too.
The Soundwave brand. Imput and Bright and Shape buttons to mod the sound. Can see the Level and 3 band equalizer knobs (Bass, Middle, Treble)
External input, headphones, power switch and the Hue and Master knobs. Above the Power, can see the SWX 35.

The Ibanez with the Yamaha. Note the color. Ibanez pretty big eh?
From another angle. You can see Geno's foot on the right and my brother's guitar case on the left.

And another angle. Color more visible here.
And this is Monash's river giant longkang under the bridge we walk over from the car park everyday. Dunno why that day so many water grass leave thingys floating away.

And I'm planning to use a prepaid Mastercard to buy stuff from the Internet. Wonder can or not, need send e-mail to AmBank and ask them. I want the new AFI album, an original copy one!

Hm,...I think that's all I have to post...

Signing off,

Wednesday, August 19, 2009
Amp arrived liao
Time to make lotsa noise...Wondering now whether got difference I plug bass directly to comp, or plug bass to amp to comp. Want to record stuff and post in Youtube. Haven't take picture of amp yet, coz he shy hiding under table.

That's all folks!

P.s - I got Twitter but dunno how to properly use.

Sunday, August 09, 2009
I forgot I had a blog
Semester fully started 3 weeks ago and I forgot about this blog. Many things happened already, like I got my bass already (from Yamaha, 50% off!), had another accident, removed a wisdom tooth and already rushing on assignments (well, not really but :P).

First of all, sorry ah Deadeye bro, the Yamaha Sale too damn tempting. I could get the BB414 which I wanted for ages, but too expensive. Now it's priced like the RBX170, so I jumped at the offer at once. Still buying an amp from Deadeye though, which hasn't arrived due to cancellation of countless orders due to no stock.

50% off!

The bass, next to Mr. Geno
The headstock which I love so much...It's huge :P

Moving on, had an accident on the LDP flyover entering Sunway (Kelana Jaya -> Sunway toll) about 2 weeks ago, smashed the front left, even though impact was at 30km/h coz I hit the wall. Shortly after me, another car skidded as well and ended up on the divider. And a few days back, an Avanza skidded and ended up in the wrong direction. Received news that everyday, somebody has an accident there. Dangerous stretch of road, I must say.

Moving on, wisdom tooth removed 4 days ago, now got a gap. And now rushing assignment for Company Reporting. Though it's a 1000 word essay, I'm taking a few days for it. Need scholarly evidence to back it up!

I guess that's just about it...

Signing off,

Wednesday, June 17, 2009
Addictive Songs

Saturday, May 30, 2009
Exam coming already
Die lor, exams in 2 weeks time. Mampus lor, 2631 and 1300 still damn blur lah....2020 and 1101 still okay, cause understand sikit, just need memorise the formula thingy for 2020. To hell with proper English already, no time to remember words.

Also, I think I'll get the BB414 after my exams, so got a few weeks to play around. I go kacau Deadeye again after my exams... Also, what happened to all the (pretty) chicks in campus!?!?? Everywhere I go, I see dudes (and ugly chicks). Maybe my chick sensor rosak already, only can find dudes. My hair getting longer little bit only...I wan go get blond highlights like Ah Beng.

Edit: Here's a pic of my mushroom style

Sunday, May 03, 2009
I have my own radio station!
My online radio channel now (totally random music) =
Requests from the Playlist=

Open the playlist in VLC player, Winamp. It'll strea
m from my computer my choice of songs...OR you can make requests from my playlist.